My shortest days are typically 8 to 9 hours from leaving home then returning. This includes all the getting ready for work, working and the travel. My longest days are 12 to 14 hours. Either scenario is 7 days a week, unless I call in sick which is I'm fucking hungover, or I do happen to have an absolute dayoff which is every now and then. That leaves 10 to 16 hours free per day. Presuming 6 to 8 goes to sleep which is whittled down to 4 or so for me because my kidneys are fucked so I wake up every 2 hours to piss. So where does the time go? I don't have a social life. Most free time is spent catching up on errands and chores so that's just more work.

But my main question is how people do it? Do nothing, that is. Not work, that is. Between at least 3 neighbors who I know don't have jobs, one of which is 8 out of 10 times on the porch when I'm going out the door. The other working on a car in the yard with a kid in the garage. Then the countless people I encounter everyday that you just know are not tourists and not working. Then the countless street people and homeless. The way I see it, you're not working and somehow manage to have a house to reside in, or you're homeless. How people? What gives? What's the deal?
I struggle to get by and spend all my time working towards something, and people seem to be twiddling their thumbs and taunting me with zero responsibilities, or WAITING IN LINES TO EAT BREAKFAST. I need out of this life.