Do you ever notice in the grocery store how most of the clerks, stockers, and employees ignore you? You can walk by, maybe look a little lost, maybe have the appearance of looking for something, but the clerk will walk by head down. Zero acknowledgement or smile. No hello. No how are you doing? Can I help you find something? They are all concentrating on their task and whatever they gotta get done for the day. Looking at some bullshit PLU code or bar code. Then when I finally ask for help and say excuse me, I get a look of "why the fuck are you bothering me, can't you see I'm stocking these diapers on the shelf." Then I get, "it's over there on aisle 17." Well how about you show me where that is because I been searching for the a few minutes and can't find shit in the store that I don't normally visit or you guys keep moving shit around. It's like I feel like I've done something wrong. Come on people, serve. But I know they are just whining babies tired of dealing with pissy customers all day. Well, that isn't me. I asked you nicely. Yes maam, I will leave these potato chips in the freezer. Go put it back yourself.