I just gotta know what is the deal with cars zooming around in mall parking lots, fast food drive thrus, parking garages, etc. Seriously people. You people are fucked up. You people are nuts. You people are tools. Swerving around to avoid pedestrians so they drive up in the empty parking lanes because they are no cars. Not even letting pedestrians cross in a cross walk in the mall so they can get to the closest spot next to Nordstrom's to buy stupid shit. Even cutting through a parking lot to avoid a light. Yesterday I saw a guy cussing out a chick in front of her in the parking garage for whatever reason. Driving to the exit to slow, not knowing how the automated machine works? Just a few minutes and this guy was Mr. Berzerko, honking and hollering out the window. He then went to reverse to go out the other exit, by the time he did this, the car in front had exited. Then he came back to the same exit he was in, in the very first place. Then he fucked up putting his tickets in the machine himself. Then he speed up for 10 feet only to get to the street to have to wait for pedestrians to cross. It was hilarious. It was upsetting too. Mr. Berzerko. Just a few minutes of your life. I'm sure all these people bitch about not getting their fast food fast enough, or their Subway quick enough. I miss my car. I sorta miss driving. But I really don't. Most people turn into some dumbass with some sort of road rage.