Whenever I'm taking a stroll down a sidewalk, inevitably there will be someone with a dog on a leash. A sidewalk is designed to let two HUMANS walk pass each other with some ease and an adequate amount of room. Add a mutt on a leash taking up the space for a human walking in the opposite direction and there's nowhere else to go but someone's front lawn.

Here's my request: MOVE YOUR FUCKING DOG. Seriously, you obviously see me coming from a half a block away and yet you continue to let your mutt take up the space reserved for people going in the opposite direction. I've actually called people out on this, saying: "Can you move your dog over" and all I've ever gotten are blank stares, condescending grunts or just plain ignored.

Your dog isn't a human, so tug on that fucking leash to move it over a bit so that I don't have to be subservient to a butt-licking, crap-eating, flea-infested and foul-smelling animal.

Take that Pine State Biscuit, Little Big Burger or Salt n' Straw cone out of your mouth and control your fucking animal, will you? Fucking thanks!