I, Anonymous

Uber Nightmare


Sorry, no sympathy from this East Coast transplant. I've been burned too many times by local cab companies. I shifted to Lyft and it has never let me down.
Don’t worry. As soon as Uber replaces its drivers with driver-less cars, all Uber drivers will be out of their jobs. By driving for Uber, they're funding Uber's program to make their jobs obsolete. And, if Uber has its way, they won't even be able to collect unemployment, because Uber considers them to be independent contractors instead of employees.

The bad news is that taxi drivers will most likely be out of their jobs by then, too, and they are also independent contractors.
had dozens of bad taxi experiences. in three years of heavy use across the country never had a bad uber or lyft experience. Sorry taxi drivers this is progress if you cannot compete get out of the way.