There needs to be a serious re-examination about what it takes to become a licensed driver in Portland. I have had a serious beef with this city from day one. When I moved to this town, my insurance DOUBLED just because I happened to be in a "high accident area" now. That is a nice way of saying that the drivers in this area are inattentive idiots. Technology is making this worse.
The real problem I see is that the state seems to be handing out licenses as more of a monetary thing and less as a safety issue. That and driver education is at an all-time low. Why does nobody in this fucking town know how to navigate a four-way stop? Is yield-to-the-right not taught anymore? And seriously - STOPPING/SLOWING DOWN IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST ANSWER! Sometimes, a little quick heel/toe can change the whole situation and the results of it. Also, you don't need to ride ass so much, but then you dont need a half mile between you and the next guy either.
Another thing that should be looked at with licensing is the age issue - MINIMUM DRIVING AGE AND MAXIMUM DRIVING AGE - IT.JUST.MAKES.SENSE!
And a note to you fucking bicyclists - STAY OFF MAIN ROADS WITH NO BIKE LANE! Roads like Lombard - every street to the north and south are bike streets that are nice rides.You will end up as a white bike chained to a pole.
For such a progressive city, carpooling is a foreign word. Look around you - 85-90% of the cars on the road only have ONE PERSON IN THEM! FUCK!