The life by dog, child and the R&R of brewery chill is dead in Portland. This fucking town has shaped itself in to boxes of theatrical shitshows flaunting dingleberry wheat ale where the demand for attention from brewers is so high they'd piss themselves to see a leashed controlled dog stand getting attention. It's 2016 and the new in-thing is an alcoholic induced industry claiming dogs are liabilities and kids make noise. Barrel age that irony when you can't find a corner of piece and quiet because some new shitshow brew pit blasts millenial squawking on patios all day long then pisses across traffic. Sure there are plenty of shitbag parents and pet owners who can't take there baggage out in public without causing hell. But there are those equally as responsible just trying to get a good beer with a breath of fresh air at a patio without deepthroating a phone for an hour. You brewers, servers, candlestick narcassists, etc. want fat tips, drinks chugged and everybody out asap with minimal work? Than learn to draw a respectful crowd in, not drive them out of the fucking neighborhood once your new trendy hole blazes in to trap tourists. Bring back the old Portland beer scene everyone enjoys not the new rule-laced shit only thick glasses and a selfie suck up to.