So in my dream, I was somehow convinced who did it and it was true. I didn't say a name, but somehow the info I had was groundbreaking. I told my boss and she said if I have any info of help, I should not keep it secret. I guess in the stories, the Ramsey's were telling their circle of friends to not talk to anyone and that scared me. After walking around the city, I finally decided to talk to the detective. I went into the room and said I have some info to share. The detective said follow me. I started to get up and noticed a man with his back to me at a table. He got up as I did, and I sorta knew but not quite who it was and became certain when he said, "we had a deal." He didn't look like the actual person though. I was terrified, he was looking at me disappointed, mad, but creepy, and the detective was gone. I yelled for help in the dream, and did as I woke up too but it was a muffled cry. I just remember waking up to saying help and freaking out.

I love dreams. I love crime mysteries but this scared me. We will never know the truth even if people are found guilty. We will never know the truth even if we think we do, or whatever evidence, or suspicions we have in our mind.