Dear elevator hottie:

I really wasn't trying to be a creeper. I know you caught me looking at your cleavage and I smiled, yeah kind of creeper. But what was I supposed to do? Look away quickly ("ha she didn't catch me!") ? No. I smiled. Because your bosom was exquisite and I can own getting caught.

Here's the thing though. Don't call a guy out on it. Your blouse was tight and you were clearly showing off the ladies. It would be a physical impossibility to button your top button. I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.A.L. Granted, I might not be the guy you wanted to take notice. But you really can't expect Mr hottie you've been crushing on to notice and every other man put his blinders on. I'm a man, you caught me, get over it. I wasn't rude, I didn't harass you, I didn't take out my phone and secretly take a picture, I didn't hit on you, I didn't make small talk to cover up the embarrassment of getting caught, and I didn't disrespect you by pretending it never happened.

I'm sorry you felt objectified. But please, next time you choose to push your boobs up and wear a blouse that exposes your neon colored bra and a significant portion of your breast, do some soul searching and ask if my eyes are more objectifying than your wardrobe choice.