...we know we both hate shirty drivers. Yes. There was a small non-injury fender bender. Let's slow down both lanes of w two lane freeway to rubber neck. Wow I wonder what her first payment will be after making a minor dent into that civic's maximum $499 bumper. Wow.
But see here. In California, we don't slow down for anything more than massive sprays of blood. I carpooled to work for ten years. We complained suicidal jumpers on the bay bridge should really have chosen the Golden Gate and more than mostly the sentiment was the poor bastard should jump asap so we stand a chance of getting to the office at all today. Don't you stupid kids know you jump off the Golden Gate not the fucking Bay Bridge (we have two major bridges not 12 or however many this shity city has now). Yes yes life is suffering, but for those trying to turn their meaningless existence into a paycheck rather than a splatooie, those jumpers sure are selfish assholes. So be patient with your shirty drivers, Portland. Or don't. I don't care. But at least you don't witness multiple suicides on your vehicular passage to 7 am when you to type in your username and password every morning. You people are so soft up here. It's amusing.