We all had a helluva time back in the day smoking dope, getting laid and going to concerts. None of us thought about our future, we were just living in the moment, free and easy.

When we had families, we were forced to take jobs we really didn't want, but we didn't think they'd be permanent. As the decades passed, the kids got bigger and we got older, balder and fatter.

Unhappiness crept in over time and the reality of our lives finally began to register: We were fuck-ups. We, the revolution generation who mucked it up in the mud and rode the wave of the 60's and 70's are now old and angry. It was fun while it lasted, but when you've turned 60+ and realize that you're a loser, blaming yourself for your own actions is too hard a pill to swallow, so there's gotta be someone else to blame:

I blame Mexicans for taking our jobs, but have never known anyone, including myself, who has ever had a job stolen due to illegal immigration. I blame Muslims for domestic terrorism, but it's a proven fact that conservative old white males like myself are the biggest threat to our nation's security. I blame women for my sexual inadequacies. I blame black people for pointing out an unequal system and the white privilege I've wasted during a lifetime of bad decision-making and victim-blaming. I blame Obama, period.

I've wasted my life, but cannot and will not blame myself. It has been, and always will be, someone else's fault... preferably a minority someone. Trump 2016!