Let's say I got a room/office that's my room but it's communal in a sense that other cry babies who have power get a key. They have no business in there, don't know the difference between oil/water, bleach/windex, or how to work a microwave. So the deal is, if you use something, put it back where you got it. They've be told verbally as well as there are signs that state this. It's also common sense and simple respect. But what you get are dimwit dumbheads with zero respect. They use something and never put it back. Sometimes they put it who the fuck knows where and I spend 20 min looking for it. Where's their logic? What's the point with keeping anything organized? I can't imagine what these people are like as roommates, husbands, or wives. Now that I'm fed up, and drastically tired of it, I've gone the vindictive route. Don't say it passive aggressive for you terminology officers out there because it's not. They've been told. There are signs. What's the point if people can't learn, don't want to learn, and will do whatever the fuck they want anyway. So now I take what I know is sacred to them and move it. What is in complete rows and order, when it only pertains to them, I move something. The difference between them and me is I'm sure they aren't doing it on purpose. I know they are just stupid. But me, I'm having a good time with it. How else can they learn without tasting their own medicine. An eye for a nose?