C'mon dude, I sang a Dr Dre song at karaoke. It obviously contained the N-Word multiple times throughout the song. I use the "N-Word" as so not to offend anyone here or get censored by the almighty Merc staff.

Jesus, why does this shit ruffle so many people's feathers? Yeah, it's the N-Word, but I doubt Dr Dre would want people censoring that word out during a karaoke performance. It's not used in a derogatory sense, it's just a lyric.

What's truly priceless is when the WHITE KJ came over and told me that "It's not appropriate for you or I to use that word."

Attention African-Americans!!!! There's a spindly little white KJ roaming Portland telling the ALL WHITE population of Portland when it's appropriate to use the N-Word.

I can ID him if you want slap the shit out of that little candy ass. Maybe I'm delusional, but I think the .001% of Portlander's that are black would've enjoyed my performance. I doubt they'd even accuse me of being racist. They might even appreciate the fact that I fucking love Dr Dre.

Fuck you rudy-poo Portland KJ!!!!!!