The country has gone to hell... the streets are filled with roving gangs of illegal immigrants looking to burn down buildings, cars and homes. No lie, it's EXACTLY like that Escape From New York movie!!!

I don't let my 8 kids outside for fear of them being kidnapped by ISIS, I don't dare open my window shades for fear that a black man is skulking around my house, and I know I'm mere days away from being fired and replaced with a gay/trans/heteroflexible liberal!

This is the country we now have... taxes too high! Water shortages! Food shortages! Russian spys looking through our computers! Corrupt lamestream/mainstream media brainwashing the masses! Our quaint Norma Rockefeller life of the 1950's is now an apocolypitic scene thanks to the liberal/Obama/Clinton/gender-neutral agenda! I'm terrified!!

Warn your next of kin! Tell your aunts/cousins/creepy uncles NOT to vote for the Clinton/Obama/ambidextrous agenda! If they do vote yes for the destruction of America, disown them! Disinvite them to Thanksgiving dinner! No more pumpkin pie for them! Break all ties and consider them the enemy!

Trump is the answer to all of our problems and with the swipe of a pen he will take our country back! Literally, within hours of taking office, you will see things change, you will see the clouds part and the sun shine again! I'm not being figurative, I'm being LITERAL! He was sent from above, to rescue us from the liberal/leftist/ISIS/pansexual agenda! Take heed!