I drive the Hazelnut Grove camp almost every day and I've noticed a few things that concern me. I've read a few articles on people building tiny houses on their own properties, then nosey neighbors complaining about them, and the city requiring that they be removed. Funny thing is, over the past year, I've seen several tiny houses being built at the Hazelnut Grove camp.

The camp appears to be very disorganized, with stacks of construction material, piles of junk/debris and trash all over the property. I'm not sure how much taxpayer money it's taking to provide free garbage service, free porti-pottys and free security (fence around entire camp), but I think there needs to be a bit more oversight on the un-permitted buildings and sanitation.

And something else that I've never been able to get an answer on: What's the game plan? The city's allowed this camp (and others) to exist, but what's next? Are the campers just there indefinitely? Are they looking for work? They obviously have the time to construct tiny houses, but what is the end goal with all these sanctioned camps? I'm just wondering because if you've ever visited Dignity Village (which I have), you will see that that dream died long ago. There was no transitioning off the streets, no services offered... just a permanent homeless camp.

Why are tiny houses OK at Hazelnut Grove, yet a violation in residential areas? Anyone?