There's always an old timer at every dive bar that everyone knows. He's reached this status of celebrity that staff and customers give him a special nickname. Super Dave. Beer Bill. Whiskey Bob. He's got a special seat. Regulars know not to sit there. A newbie comes along and may sit there because he doesn't know. Some regular will say "that's Tipsy Jerry's seat." In come walking Tipsy Jerry and he doesn't care. He's as cool as his status. The bartender knows what he'll drink because he doesn't drink anything else. I love dive bars. The darker and sketchier the place, the greater likelihood I will go to that place than to a fancy schmancy, razzy, spazzy over priced place fake rich socialites hang out at. By the end of the night, this guy and me will be friends. I'll never reach that status because I always drink different libations and I don't sit in same places. That and well I can't go to the same bar every day. But people know me. I've got a reputation. I'll probably buy you a drink, because they'll serve me when I'm buying 2. It's better to get drunk with someone. With this old timer, there's bartenders that like to call you my dear, darling, honey, or sweetie. When you know they aren't calling their boyfriend or husband that. Hey it's about tips and I will tip if you keep em coming. I live the life I love and I love the life I live. Take me home, I think I'm drunk. Do you know how many times I've been cut off? I know they care.