Portland is jam-packed with gorgeous women, and I generally sneer at IAs that use this forum as an I SAW U (mainly because I just miss that true forum for people who cling to the hope that they might connect with a sexy stranger that blew their mind). BUT...

To the young woman with the Catholic school girl mini skirt, black thigh highs and Salon perfect silver hair - I just want to say thank you. You were with your mom and you just might be 18 years old (though clearly a grown woman) but you made this old man's heart beat like a young buck. You were with your mom so I just used sign language to complement your hair through your iPhone earbuds. You graciously smiled and mouthed "thank you".

I'm sure I will never see you again - but that smile, that two seconds of contact was absolutely inspiring. Beautiful. Powerful. Absolutely in control and aware of your energetic edge. The ultimate balance of femine beauty and empowerment.

Without any hopes that I will ever know you, I just wanted you to know that your divine presence is an uplifting message to all - male and female of all persuasions. Never stop smiling and shining your light.