You like your belongings prim, proper, and orderly. You like to have control of your property and furniture. You like to make plans. You have to. We all have to. You like to know when to expect your guests for meetings, gatherings, or anytime someone is coming over. Who doesn't? Well except this one lady I asked that she said she's so free and just lives in a household where you don't know when anyone is coming over. I said, "okay, I'll bring my band over at 3am."

Anywho, so when I asked you to simply just let me know you'd be coming, even if it's last minute, just to text. You don't text, okay then. With enough notice you can email. Not one email received yet. Well, can you call? Your answer was sometimes you don't know you're coming until the last minute you make that turn and are on your way. Come on, an old lady like you that has to have everything your way. Come on again, the fact that you pack a lunch tells me about your double standard lies. No one fucking packs a lunch unless they know they're going to be away for a whole day. Especially diabetics like you, you liar.

Why is it all about you? People need to abide by your system of conduct, but you sure as all shit don't need to pay other people the same respect. I have lost all respect for you.