TO THE 20 OR 30 people who walked by a man sobbing uncontrollably and screaming for his life in the middle of the Burnside Bridge, you suck. You ignored the rope tied around his neck. You pretended not to hear him crying and screaming that he wanted to die. That he wanted to jump. That he tried to hang himself. And to the 10 or 15 people who pretended they didn’t see anything as I was trying to help, you are pieces of shit. You had to step over my bag and his belongings. You had to avoid eye contact with my dog. Go home and vote for Trump, you soulless pieces of shit. To the jogger who grabbed the man off of the railing while I was calling 911, and then hugged the bawling man and told him it will be okay, you are a saint. You hugged him for five solid minutes until the EMTs showed up. He was crying uncontrollably. He smelled bad. He tried to climb the railing again. He was screaming. You didn’t let go. You are amazing. Thank you. The rest of you spineless bastards can suck a fuck.—Anonymous
If you are a person who is contemplating self-harm or suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You deserve to have a person listen to you. You are worthy of being heard.