In 2014, Ryan Bundy and a bunch of other so-called "patriots" rode countless ATV's through a Utah canyon filled with 2,000 year old Native American artifacts. The BLM had closed off the area due to the historical nature of it, but them ol' patriots were having none of it. Hell if they can't ride over sacred artifacts! Off-roadin' is fun! USA!

As many people are saying, if the Malhuer occupiers were armed Muslims, African-Americans or Latinos (or any other minority), I'm sure the story would have been quite different. Must be nice to be an armed white male is this country!

And let us not forget: When they say the land should be taken back for "The People," they mean logging and mining companies, and of course, cattle ranchers. Yes, these are "The People" of which they speak.

Public land is already in the hands of the people, and it is being rightfully preserved so that greedy white men can't rape it for their own benefit.

I can't wait to see how this verdict empowers other white terrorists... oops, I mean patriots.