I don't care about this email "scandal" and will vote for Hillary without question. Unless we get all of Ducky Trump's emails, Hillary's "scandal" is in a bubble. Trump won't even release his taxes, yet the country doesn't care. I would like to see all of his personal and work related emails to see how much he's on the up and up.

Trump is a disaster, but he was created by years and years of the Republican party blowing their dog whistle to white Americans. They've called Obama an "other," they've demeaned foreigners, women, gays, transgendered people, black people... I mean, pretty much everybody who isn't an ignorant white person. Trump is the chicken that's come home to roost.

Is Hillary perfect? No.
Is Obama perfect? No.
Has there ever been a perfect president? Nope.

But Trump is a train wreck and a national disaster.

One critique I have of both parties is: Can we, as a nation, stop using the word "folks"? Dear Lord, how I hate that term! I never hear anyone in the real world use that word, only politicians.