When is enough enough for you people? You stole this country from indigenous people, raped, murdered and enslaved people for centuries. You created laws so that non-Caucasians knew their place, built a system that favored the likes of your privileged men, lied, cheated, stole and forced your way onto the oppressed many.

And now you complain that you "want your country back"? Jesus Christ, you people have a lot of fucking nerve. Here's a news flash: You haven't lost the country. What you are experiencing, what you are endlessly whining about is the system SLOWLY being balance out. We've got A LONG way to go, but we are finally seeing the signs of things being equal. And all you people can do about it is complain, cry, yell, assault and hate.

Yes, in 2042 it is predicted that minorities will be the majority in the United States. But what you ignorant racists fail to realize is that when they say "minorities," they mean ALL MINORITIES. The white race will comprise 49% of the population, while ALL MINORITIES COMBINED will be 51%.

How much more do you want? What will make you happy? You are miserable bunch of people who have clung to an orange-haired spoiled little man because he is "your voice" of hate, ignorance, anger and bigotry.

The good news is that your bigoted generation is slowly dying out. This election cycle is the last gasps of a dying generation who has gotten their way since birth. Bring on the future!