I was working Sat of Halloween weekend and asked a group of people what they were up to. They said they were looking for their car. The coherent ones did. The one drunk one, in the pink wig, yes always a pink wig, she was trashed. I don't know what language she was talking but it wasn't anything close to English. I wanted to laugh but I could see her friend's maybe dismay about her being drunk. It was funny. It was cute. She was cute. You know, because most people don't like drunk people. Maybe it's because some people turn into mad, angry drunks. Or maybe it's because the friends feel they have to take care of their drunk friend. Well I don't mind. I'd mind an angry drunk for sure. But if I had to take care of someone who was drunk, I would. That's what I would just call "never leaving a man down." We all have our moments. We all have that few too many. I do. And I'm usually the drunk one that doesn't need taking care or, or rides homes, etc. So I get it. I get the drunk people. I'm the drunk one.

What I do mind is also in the same 5 minutes, some punk thug kids walking and throwing something heavy at a homeless person sitting on his sleeping bag. I wanted to say something. I muttered "stupid." But I know what speaking up to punk thug teens will lead to. And that is sad, what bullies who don't even drink will do to other people only if they are in groups. I'll take drunk pink wig over punk teens any day.
Tell me, who is worst in society?