Anonymous Nov 16, 2016 at 4:00 am

Keep Portland “Weird”


"They flock to Portland because it’s a playground where they don’t have to grow up."

And you don't find that weird?
great point tommyspoon!!

I am so tired of I, Anonymous posts just being a place for Portlanders to gripe about other Portlanders. They're too weird, They're not weird enough. They think they're weird but they're not.

How about we all just stop generalizing your observations about some people you happen to interact with and accept that there are all kinds of people here? Some that annoy you, some that don't, some that do on days without an S in them. That's what this great melting pot of a nation is all about, right?

I wouldn't call Portland a melting pot. Unless you're melting only one ingredient. Some kind of pale, mild cheese.
Portland WAS weird and quirky back before it got taken over by all the yuppies and "trend setters" I'm 28 lived here my whole life. You want to know why grunge is and will always be a northwest born fashion? Because we didn't have any boutiques with high end organic clothing we had The Goodwill bins, we had vintage stores and used 2ND had stores, left overs from previous generations we mixed together to create a world renowned fashion trend.
I say it all the time, the spirit of Portland has died, the people and artists that MADE Portland weird and unique can't afford to live here anymore, the soul of Portland is gone and not sure if it will return. But I'm staying put and preying it comes back!

Local for life
Go to Olympia and hang out for a couple days. That's what Portland used to be like. Weird, right? In 2016 it's as you say.
Everyone, quick, too Olympia!
We're not weird, we stole that from Austin.
Portland of the 70s and 80s - low-key, emphasis on neighborhoods, sustainability, nature. Depopulating. Lack of narcissism and meanness.

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