I've seen posts all over Portland. PUPPIES FOR SALE!!! O really, you have puppies to sale? How lovely!!!... interesting... you live on a small lot in a residential zone... your dog is a mix not a pure breed, you say? You don't have any papers or information on their health?? But you say, "he's loyal and very cute"....For fuck sake, stop breeding your dog. You're a trashy person trying to get money for rent. You're passing off dogs to people who might not be the best owner... but you don't care right?... as long as you get your few 100 for the pup... You fucking people are white trash! While I'm at it, stop having kids too! They're just going to follow your moron ass and have kids of their own once they drop out of high school... the world doesn't need more Trump supporters (aka High School drop outs)