I know how much you care about racism now that our country has elected Voldemort, however why not address some racism that stares us in the face right here in our city? I’m talking about the Cascadia flag and I am fucking sick of seeing them. If you don’t know the darker history around the Cascadia movement or the ridiculously similar design the flag shares with the Northwest Front’s flag, google that shit right now. Wipe that smug white liberal smile off your face because you and every other person with that flag are no better than the southern hillbillies you so detest with the rebel flag. Those color represent this little darling rhyme: “The sky is the blue, and the land is the green. The white is for the people in between.” And seeing that shit in my neighborhood that has been ravaged by gentrification where my family is the last of the people of color left, pisses me off everyday. Think for a second about the people who aren’t white around you and how wondering if their neighbor is a neo-Nazi might be an added unnecessary anxiety in their day. In closing, now that you know, if you choose to keep the flag up, just know that you’ve said to me and every other person of color around that you care more about some vague ideals more than you do our peace of mind. You have to own that shit Portland. Fly it high and be proud.