I'm not surprised at how the Republicans are now gloating; it was to be expected. Like a toddler who throws a tantrum to get a prized toy, they are gloating over their victory. After wallowing in manure for the past year, they actually think this victory is something to be proud of. So be it, let them gloat and have their ill-gotten win.

In the end, history will look upon Donald Ducky Trump as a black mark on our country. He is now, and forever will be, a laughing stock. 100 years from now, people will learn about Obama in history class; he achieved his success all on his own. He wasn't give tens of millions of dollars from daddy, nor did he use daddy's influence to make his way. His campaign was groundbreaking for the hope it gave people after the last failed Republican president. Think what you will of the "Hope and Change" thing, he'll live on in history as a bright mark on our country. Never mind that the Republican congress obstructed everything he's tried to do for the past 8 years; his presidency was a success.

Ducky ran on hate, fear and anger. He ran on lies, bigotry, misogyny and ignorance. His supporters happily followed their Dear Leader into the gutter, where they hungrily fed from the trough of shit he was feeding them. They whined, cried and complained over the past year and now call out those who protest over their Dear Leader.

There's no changing them, for like my grandfather used to say, "There's no fixing stupid."