As a woman of childbearing years it really has become abundantly clear that men hate and fear us. Why else would you vote against us and our basic human rights? Imagine just for a moment old men literally legislating your body. That soon you will have no say in your autonomy and will merely be regarding as an ornamental vessel. Imagine going to jail for essentially jerking off wrong. Imagine if every load you blew outside of ladyparts was considered murder and someone wanted you to bury it and have a funeral. Oh can't. But you will certainly weigh in and tell us what to do. Sit back and relax as our basic reproductive rights are stripped away silently. Only can I hope and dream that you will all go flaccid and your boner pills will be outlawed. But that's not how it works, is it? As long as you're the ones calling the shots, you don't care. But soon it will start again. How many women that were burned as witches were just because they knew about sex and contraceptives?