In light of the whole "Trump thing," seems a lot of focus is being placed on race and gender. That's fair, I'm not going to contribute to that collection of topics. HOWEVER, I would like to chime in on industry. I have held my tongue, bit my lip, and turned my head listening to people in this city say all of the economic fears Trump played on don't exist, and that the big mighty regulations Trump is promising to take down don't exist. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing this from the mouths of people who have never worked in industry. Yeah, that oil change place doesn't count. I'm talking steel, lumber, timber, coal, oil, natural gas, mass-agriculture, freight. People who work in those industries know that government regulations are so out of control it's burying small business. This is why trump won, not because of his remarks about women and Hispanics. There is really no point to educate you on the matter, because you'll continue working as a book worm teacher, or an "artist", or count money for your boss who probably voted trump. All of our industries are dying because our citizens want them to. We strike down oil pipelines, mining exploration, timber extraction (even though they replant), coal - even clean coal, and manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile, these industries count for the infrastructure that are the building blocks of our communities. This is why people voted trump. And yes, jobs are being shipped away. Did local news cover Esco in PDX? look it up