I was sitting in the left turn lane at a stop light behind a blue van yesterday when something odd happened. I could see the man in the van through his side mirror and noticed he was staring at me. I thought nothing of it. Then, I see this guy yelling at me, like we were having an argument or something. I did a double-take to make sure it was me he was yelling at, and yup, he noticed me looking and started yelling louder. I cracked my window and could hear that he was calling me a few derogatory names.

Not to date myself, but I grew up identifying as Mexican-American, but I guess white people found it too difficult to remember different cultures and labeled us all "Hispanics" at a certain point. Either way, I'm a brown person who was born and raised in the good ol' US of A. So was my mother and father. So, although I might look "ethnic" to white people, I'm as American as apple pie... grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, playing with Hot Wheels and riding BMX bikes.

As the light turned green and we started to move, I noticed that this man had a Trump sticker plastered on the side of his crappy van. It all made sense then, for I have read about the rise in bigots feeling free to spew their ignorance to total strangers. This idiot sped away, cut a car off and then turned left at the next intersection.

I have been called derogatory names before, but it has been some time. Good to know Trump has empowered these bigots to come out of the dark. USA! USA!