Portland. Please deal. Change will continually happen. For better or worse, whether you like it or not. What one person likes another dislikes. Stop crying. Get with it or get out. I'm a transplant from 2000. Never thought I'd say the T word. Who cares? What a dumb word to describe a person who migrates. I just moved here. A transplant is to describe organs. I distinctly remember being at Powells, looking west at a demolished building with a hole in a wall, on a vacant lot, and what became to be Henrys Tavern, etc. I have pictures of it. I remember the Pearl not being the Pearl with it being the place to visit galleries, over shops and boutiques. I never go to the Pearl anymore. I don't live in downtown anymore. I love my area of outer SE, past 82nd. There will be a high rise hotel or apt across the street from where I work. The old Oregonian is now transformed opening 2017. I happened to go walking in the south industrial area near grand and OMSI. Wow, that area changed too. Theres empty lots all over downtown for new construction. New apt rising on the east side. Houses torn down to where I can't even remember what was there, waiting for something new. What puzzles me is still seeing leasing signs for years. I guess we're waiting for them to come?

Whatever, where I pay attention or not, whether I like it or not, change and transformation is good. I suppose Tv, actors, art, and songs should remain the same, all the time, year after year?