Social graces. Doesn't exist. No such thing as politeness or consideration. I could be standing there and instead of a greeting, it's a demanding do this for me, a complaint or what I'm doing wrong. First words out the mouth. Sometimes the greeting is a claw finger motion, or a respectable four finger get your ass over here. Other times it's a motion of a hand in the air saying what the fucks going on. No need look someone in the eye to acknowledge them. Yea, just look down at your shoes. Nevermind the thank you either if I helped you with anything. Helping you means I did something to go out of my way for your benefit, just so we're clear. Sometimes, it's just someone walking away grumbling something. Nice back of your head, by the way. I could be standing in line waiting my turn out of the way, but someone has just got to walk by in a hurry, whether behind me and hit me, or in front of me and cut me off. I could be walking on the sidewalk and bicycle intersects on the sidewalk zooming on by. No excuse me, or sorry. Forget it. The word sorry doesn't exist. As long as there's a finger to point, someone else is to blame. The worst is these moms that push those car carts the size of mini coopers through the grocery store aisles with 2 kids enjoying the ride.

All I'm finding is that I seem to enjoy someone that smiles at me and says hello.
All I know is a handshake and fist bump is a beautiful thing.
But a high five. All right now. Let's get it on.