I rescued two kittens last June and have regretted it ever since. At first, their cuteness was enough to overpower the stench of shit and urine that seems to constantly emanate from the litter box. If I list the pros vs. cons now, the cons greatly outnumber the pros.

Pro: Cute. (I guess)
Cons: Cat hair shed all over, granules of litter strewn all over, scratch marks on my curtains and walls, spilled water in the kitchen (one cat insists in dipping his paw into the bowl making a mess), digging in my house plants, following me everywhere and not giving me a moment's peace, and keeping me up all night by running around and knocking shit over.

I don't call it petting, I call it demanding a full body massage, which is what petting is. Not only do they wreak havoc throughout my house, but they also demand full body massages. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of coming home from work and having my house reek of cat piss and shit. I'm tired of cleaning out the litter box after one drops a load, only to have the other one drop a load 5 minutes later, apparently stimulated by the stench of his brother's fecal matter.

I guess I'm not a pet person, because I just can't overlook the selfishness of these animals, They only think of themselves, and it's always take, take, take! They don't give anything but a headache.

And yes, they've both been neutered and are still little a-holes. If they were human roommates, I'd have kicked them out months ago. Humane Society, here I come!