What is it with washed up actors becoming crazy Republicans? Examples:

Susan Oleson (Cindy Brady): She just got fired from her radio show after expressing her bigoted views. Also, she's a super crazy Republican.

Victoria Jackson: Ugh. So crazy it hurts... and a whacked-out Republican.

Scott Baio: Cha-chee's gone over the deep end. Nut-bag Republican

Dennis Miller: He was a nut-bag before he got his radio show... and it's not too difficult to appeal to the typical nut-bag right-wing radio listener. Is he successful? Sure. But he's nowhere in the class of Will Ferrell, Chris Rock or Adam Sandler... among many, many others.

Tia Tequila: Washed up, a has been that never really was a been. Absolutely insane and a Republican.

Adam Carolla: Sure, he's made a name for himself among the beer-drinkin' working class, but he hasn't had anywhere near the success Jimmy Kimmel's had... and they came up at the same time. Take a poll on the street and Jimmy Kimmel would win with name recognition. Carolla is a nut-bag Republican who complains about everything.

Oh, there are many more B celebrities who also haven't made, gotten old and became sandwich board wearing Republicans nut-jobs. I wonder why?