So, you're driving through MY neighborhood because the freeway is too congested, or you're trying to take a shortcut. Whoa! Now you're honking your horn and making obscene gestures at someone because they dared to back out of their driveway onto the street while you were coming down it, or because they weren't driving fast enough for your liking (even though they were driving at or above the posted speed limit). Guess what? It's a public street, not your private property. What's more, you're just passing through - we fucking LIVE here. If you want everyone on the road to behave exactly as you'd like, or simply have them pull over so you can have the whole goddamn road to yourself, go where that shit happens (which, by the way, is NOWHERE). Until you are able to find this automotive utopia, calm the fuck down and, who knows, maybe leave the house a little earlier so you don't have to cut through OUR hood and drive like a raging asshole in the first place.