I knew Pope Francis was different than any Pope I have known in my life. I was one of the people that just could not get over the abuse of children that happened in my faith. I still love my faith, but have been scarred and scared over the things that we all know came to light in the early 2000's. Have changes made it more difficult for deviate priest to continue to molest and destroy the minds of preyed upon children?

Yesterday I heard Pope Francis basically told the church that he was going to go public and make changes to the hush,hush cultural. Is this why he also told us when he became Pope he may be in for four or five years? I have not gone to mass in so many years, but I miss the holidays especially the Christmas Eve service. Hearing the choir at the Grotto the other night made me have the feeling of hope. It was wonderful, and as Steve Humphrey wrote today in Blogtown, we can also believe in Santa.