Merry fucking xmas Portland. I, like most everyone else who has rented here for over 15 years, am being priced out of the city. Between student loan, rise in health insurance (thank the gods for Obamacare, or I would have no health insurance), and $1200 for 500 sq. ft., I'm being forced out. I hope the new Portland (rich, white, yuppies) and City Planners (seriously responsible for all of this) can understand that they have in essence, priced out a majority of what made this city "weird" ("weird" was stolen from Austin by the way). I hope you enjoy your Boulange Bakery, and Stone Oven Pizza in every single neighborhood. One giant Pearl District, that's what this city is becoming. Division was not meant to be 23rd. But it is, and so are the rents. Enjoy Whitewashlandia! Bye Felicia.