I love going to the liquor store near an overpriced college because you get to witness first hand the downfall of our culture. Future teachers, lawyers, doctors, academics, engineers, medical researchers, classical musicians, and environmental consultants debating among themselves which is the better of the 9 dollar vodkas.

I understand, life gets rough when you're purchasing a quarter million dollar education and sometimes you have to get your drink on. I get it. But here's the thing. When I opt to buy a 70 dollar bottle of bourbon, you're snide comment about "someone's not in college" doesn't offend me, it makes me feel pretty stoked. When I smiled at you and simply responded "maybe I should buy two" that was my big fuck you to you, your parents who are probably purchasing your education, and the establishment that evidently hasn't taught you class yet.

Signed, the guy who worked through college and went to an affordable state school and didn't study liberal arts.