Kalah Allen

I WORK in a building where a whack job says she saw a mouse. I have never seen a mouse. Another guy started setting out traps with peanut butter. Supposedly killed one. Now, I’m not saying there weren’t any before that. But the other day, I saw something hopping around in the trash can. It was a mouse trying to jump out. That mouse wasn’t doing anything wrong—just living its life. Why would a mouse deserve to die for living its life? Mice will die for being a nuisance to society. Do you know how many people are nuisances to society? People don’t get killed just for being pests, but animals get euthanized because of full kennels or bad behavior. Why is it not the same for people? Because mice and rats are pests and carry diseases? Humans are pests and carry diseases, too. So I set that mouse free, wished he or she well, and laughed about it. I’m still smiling.—Anonymous