I just moved to PDX and realized that I don't have the proper weird attire or engage in the proper weird activities. After I get my first paycheck, my first order of business is to buy some new clothes and sign up for classes. My checklist:

Yoga pants.
Neon running shoes.
White baseball cap.
Big Paris Hilton type sunglasses.
Join rock-climbing class.
Join yoga class.
Get a small dog that barks incessantly.
Buy a bike, with an assortment of spandex-gear.
Frequent boutique ice cream shops, burger joints, Kombucha bars and wood fire pizza places.
Take selfies of myself doing yoga poses against some nature background.
Have someone take a photo of me climbing up rock wall.
Take photos of my food.
Have every photo of me not rock-climbing or doing yoga include my small barking dog.

I figure it'll take me about 6 months to get up to speed with the weirdness that is Portland!