I've been sick for the past week.
I haven't slept for more than 3 hours the past 2 days.
I worked 16 hours in the past 24 hours.
To get to work, I walked 20 minutes in 19 degree weather, at 6 am, with wind chill, in the snow, to get to a bus, to wait another 20 plus minutes.

So I sick of your whining!
So you couldn't get in the elevator in the parking garage, and had to walk around the block to the front door.
So there wasn't a sign saying anything about the elevator or using the front door.
So why is the door locked?
Maybe because it's a god damn secured building?
Maybe because you're early?
So you had to wait a couple minutes because I just happened to walk away to take a piss.
"Can't you just leave the door open?"
"It's cold out!"
Maybe because now you people are late?

Sorry I have no empathy for you. It's now 11 am, the sun is out. I think back to walking in the dark at 6 am, trying to get to work to serve these people, and think, my fucking god!.
A city full of whiners.
If they can't get exactly what it is they want, when they want it, how they want it, in which what they want is either not the rule, unrealistic, or impossible, get ready to bitched at.
So here bitch!
Use your resources, like your mind, body, and phone, maybe?
Fucking relax. Stop panicking over nothing. Stop letting what you already have stuck up your ass go further up your ass.
Buck up. This is life.
Good luck getting all the stupid shit you want on your cake.