Oh, how I love to see the Republicans trying to take the higher road. RIGHT. I keep reading how they want us all to "just accept the results" and "give him a chance, wontcha?" Oh. My. God. It's like talking to a 3-year old... same as reading Trump's tweets. (On a side note: Can you believe that we have a president who tweets? What a joke!)

Where to begin, where to begin? The Republicans have complained about Obama putting a "wedge" between the races. Yes, it was he who made it all about race, not Rush for playing "Barack the Magic Negro," not numerous Republican politicians implying he was an "other" and especially not Trump for heading up the birther movement for 5+ years.

The economy: Sure, it's picked up quite a bit since Ol' Dubya wrecked it and the nation was losing over 800,000 jobs A MONTH (how soon Republicans forget!)... and who recalls a little thing called 9/11? Anyway, the economy has picked up quite a bit, but it sure would have been much more if the Republicans hadn't been complete obstructionists for the past 8 years. Almost 700 pieces of legislation that would have put Americans back to work blocked. How patriotic!

Trump's a self-admitted pig. He's a draft-dodging, tax evading, bigoted, sexual assaulting daddy's boy... so I think we're OK with saying he's not our president. Born with a sliver spoon up his fat ass, he is NOT the epitome of the American Dream... Obama is and always will be.

Deal with it.