I'm sorry but for any protesters who crosses the line and becomes a rioter I hope they receive the harshest punishment of the law can execute. Portland dropped charges on almost all in the last round of riots, albeit they were mostly petty offenses. The window smashers and traffic blockers need to face serious consequences. Maybe if the People could police themselves like they said they would then those anarchist wouldn't get away with their criminal actions and wouldn't cast the protest movement in such a bad light. Maybe I'll will join the folks out there burning off all this unrelated pent up rage. Good excuse to break stuff and get wigged out on meth. I can also dress up in wild getup. Anyone have an extra Guy mask I can borrow? Ok, now I think I understand. Nevermind. For future refence once Trump does start taking our rights away, then it's okay for a real protest. This is just a preemptive outdoor party for us wild n crazy types.