The Portland Resistance leader reminds us of Donald Trump when he makes light of protesters that vandalize public and private property. Those aren't protesters. Most of them don't vote or contribute in any positive way towards this community. Though your organization protests peacefully, for the most part, they just like to break things.

A demagogue makes excuses for their bad behavior, appeals to our darker hearts, and seeks to inflate their own ego through something brazen and bombastic- even if that includes destroying property that provides jobs to all kinds of people including the downtrodden, belongs to those who may support their basic principles and alienates those who remain non-political. Why don't you try that kind of spooled brat behavior at law school and see how it goes.

And why don't you direct your anger directly at the companies who supported Trump? At the lobbyists and politicians that help make him president? A protest at a Russian Embassy would be a good place to start.