My heart feels heavy today.

I want to attend tomorrow's protest for women, men, trans, gay, people of color and freedom of religion. I identify with a few of these 'labels.'

But for starters:

Breaking shit makes your opinion invalid.

If I hear one more rant about "If you voted for trump, you're a racist/homophobic pig, too" I will not tolerate it. If you are tired of being stereotyped, then don't place that nasty form of hatred on other groups of people.

I spent the presidential election, and several months before it, in Africa. And I am so glad I did. When I asked people in their country about their president, I was told "I don't have a president. He is the president before the election, and he will be the president after the election." He was a dictator. A man who had his face in every restaurant, hotel and grocery store because he was a self-proclaimed god. And those that openly spoke out against him, were imprisoned.

SO. When I hear how bad having presidential elect, Donald Trump, is as our president, I don't feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for this African country, and the many other countries around the world that fear over 4 decades of totalitarian leadership. Who fear death and imprisonment from their president.

OK, our new president is dangerously ill-informed and ignorant; but I have good news. He can be removed in 4 years.

So for now, lets have a peaceful protest worthy of the history books.