He's here and he's in charge. I know it's a bitter pill. I can't see how it makes it easier to swallow out in the streets blocking traffic and pissing off lots of folks that are on your side. I'm not talking about the Women's March today either. Those across the nation were mighty impressive and BIG.......not Trump tiny but call it big anyway. Those were bigger than the Inaugural crowd. I'm really talking to the Trump won crooked or Trump didn't get the popular vote whiners. Do any of you have the resources like plenty for bail or lawyers?

I'm sure the police forces are going to be Patsy's for Trump and lay the hammer down soon. Once all the wrinkles are smoothed out, he's gonna do it like the Inaugural first dance "My Way". Don't be sitting ducks. Marching for the next four years is lame and you'll go lame doing it.

I've got another tip. The next time a bushy gray haired old man comes along and tells you how broken the system is and let's change it....Listen to him! Don't listen to some system slob say "Hell no he's a damned Socialist". Grow a pair and vote for him. There's a start.