Trump's pathetic inauguration was poorly attended. Half of the whacked-out right-wingers hold the opinion that the photos were doctored. The other half are all in lock-step with the hilarious excuse of, "We didn't attend because we all have jobs. Liberals are all welfare recipients and therefore had the luxury of attending Obama's inauguration in higher numbers."

The funny thing is, ALL the commenters have this excuse. ALL OF THEM. It's just this fucking echo-chamber when you delve into right-wing infested comment boards:

"Daggunnit, I done had to work that day."
"Me also worked. Mang, them libbies is all bums and unemployed, we Republicans had to done go to werk."
"Yeah, me 2, i had 2 wrk the day trump did that thing he did."
"I also was too at werk, had to. woulda been there but need to provide for kids. Like trump, i have three kids by three different woman. praise the loard!"
"Ditto on the having to work excuse. Never mind giving O'bummer credit for my even having a job for the past 8 years. Trump gonna turn this country 'round!"

What a sad and funny excuse they have for the LOW numbers of people who attended the Clown-in-Chief getting sworn in. I think it broke most of their brains and that is why they tend to regurgitate sorry excuses for Trump's LOW, LOW numbers.

I think they all have Stockholm Syndrome or something... it's really weird.