YOU are our last defense against the political dark arts of the new Sociopath in Chief's cabinet picks. Each candidate is supposed to be vetted BEFORE you even consider confirming them. Allowing yourselves to be bullied into rushing or skipping this process is NOT an option. Nominees are suppose to have completed Public Financial Disclosure Reports and have been investigated by the FBI, IRS and the Office of Government Ethics BEFORE hearings ever even start. Yet, these requirements have gone largely ignored, skirted, blatantly disregarded and UNENFORCED.
A handful of you have questioned and called BS on a billionaire oil profiteer, a rabid climate change denier, an unprepared/unqualified jackass or an heiress of indeterminate intelligence, here and there. For that, I thank you.
However, the numerous preexisting/publicly exposed grotesque conflicts of interest, foreign ties, nepotism and obvious self-interests are apparently not enough for you to deny these openly racist, immoral, antisemitic, sexist, bigoted, pandering pieces of shit the top spots in the United States government.
You are personally responsible for filling our new fascist leader's regime with monsters just as repugnant and reprehensible as he is.
Because that tiny handed fucktard and his gilded, Ivanka designed, Chinese made hand basket of deplorahorts will be by to grab you for that swamp-side picnic with the Russians any time now. To watch the rest of us drown.