Nice of Trump to defund Planned Parenthood because, you know, the Republicans just love life...except when that life is a casualty of war, or some poor kid going hungry, or a Mexican kid getting deported. Those lives don't really matter, it's only the unborn.... and once they're born, they're on their own. Real Christian-like of Republicans.

Planned Parenthood gets approximately $500 million in funding from the government, and that's now going to be cut.

Here's what I say: Approximately 66 million people voted for Hillary (3 million more than Trump... BAM!) and if those 66 million people donated just $8 a year to Planned Parenthood, it would well make up for the funding cut and then some. That's just $8 a year! Many people can donate more and all the better! I'm doing $10 a month to help out.

So, I say f**k Trump and the Republicans; make a donation if you can: