You read the title, first thing you thought was "ah a post that I agree with!" Probably not. I'm not here to use big words to express an opinion no one agrees with, or vice versa, everyone agrees with. I'd just like an explanation.

I would like someone to explain to me why we hold police to such a high standard during crowd control. I understand the transgressions of some police (not all). I understand that innocent people have fell victim to the hands of uber-agro police officers who have no place enforcing anything. What I don't understand is why, in a city that has a proven history of dealing with protest and riot, with markedly advanced police force training (compared to elsewhere in the country, re: Chicago corruption, New Orleans violence, etc) we are surprised when they show up wearing riot gear. We immediately claim they are here to batter us like wanna-be soldiers. Is that really the perspective? When during huge protests at best we arrest a couple dozen people who hardly look battered in mugshots? I protested during the Bush years. I was maced. I deserved it because I spit on a cops face. I was younger. I was dumber. I really want to believe those cops would rather not be holding a line on their Saturday night. I really want to believe that those cops would rather wear regular duty uniforms than heavy and hot protective equipment. I really want to believe that most of them probably agree with the people that are marching but they have a job to do